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Mobility has become much more common in workplaces, and businesses expect IT to provide greater flexibility for their employees to work from any location, using any device and network – all with a seamless, secure experience.
Digital workspaces are becoming powerful competitive differentiators in all industries. That’s because businesses are seeking new levels of agility in their processes and service delivery methods. They also want flexibility for their employees.

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Simplify mobility management

Most users choose when, how, and where they work, leaving IT to manage a myriad of devices. Citrix Workspace with integrated unified endpoint management helps IT centralize the management of mobile devices, traditional desktops and laptops, and IoT through a single platform.

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Most users spend time on the go and need access to a complete digital workspace including mobile, web, SaaS, and windows apps. Citrix Workspace provides secure, unified access to company resources.  Application performance for remote workers such as employees at branch offices is highly optimized. Users can easily access and share files regardless of where the files are stored – all controlled by a common set of policies to reduce data loss.

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Citrix Workspace

  • Simplify mobility management.
  • Boost productivity without compromising security.
  • Increase productivity and maintain security.

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